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Thickener Anti-Settling Agent for Oil /Solvent / Solventless Systems


Additive 4110

(Anti Settilng Agent)

Formation of hard deposit is always a problem in Paint manufacturing, especiaily high PVC Paints. "Additive 4110 " helps eliminate heavy settling.

Additive 4113

(Viscosifying Wax Derivative based on Veg. Oils)

"Additive 4113" is a Rheology modifier (Thickening Agent) for Oil, Solvent & Solventless Systems. It is combination of modified vegetable oils.

Additive 4251

(Proprietary Thixotropic Agent in powder form)

Additive 4251 is a special thickner that builds a strong structure in all most all oraganic media such as paints , inks , sealants , putty , caulk , adhesives etc.

Additive 4194


"Additive 4194" is blend of Surfactant in Ketonic Solvent ideally suitable as Air Release Agent for Solvent System, especially Epoxies.

Additive 4233


"Additive 4233" is Colloidal Inorganic Mineral based Thixotropic Agent. Key Benefits thereof are: Good Film Build, Sag Resistance, Reduced Water Sensitivity, Pigments / Extenders Suspension, Synersis (Liquid Separation) Control.

Additive 4239

(Pigment Suspending Agent)

"Additive 4239" is pigment suspension or anti-settling agent. It is reaction product of Alkyl Hydrogen Sulfate, Poly-inorganic Acid, Fatty Ester Compound and Proprietary

Thickener & Anti-Settling Agent for Oil /Solvent / Solventless Systems

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