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"Additives" to any systems are like spices to any food recipe. Additives boost performance dramatically. There is continuous ongoing demand for performance enhancing or trouble shooting Additives in almost every industry.

Shahpatilexports bridges the gap by providing specific tailor-made solution to industry in addition to manufacturing and exporting world class additives for industries like Paints, Printing Inks, Pulp & Paper, Industrial Oils, Lubricating Oils, various Gums including Starches & Corrugation Gum, Household Products and many more.

Range of products we offer include:


Defoamers are commonly employed to control or eliminate the undesirable Foam. The company offers Non-Silicone Defoamer, Mineral Oil Defoamer, Non-silicone and Non-Mineral Oil based Defoamer, Polyglycol Based Defoamer.

Defoamers offered by us not only destroy the foam but effectively controls regeneration of the same in various Chemicals and Allied Processes.

Dispersing Agents

Dispersing Agent is class of Chemical that helps distribution of Solid Particles in liquid phase uniformly, enhances the colour value in case of Pigments and helps to keep the system homogenous. We manufacture Anionic Dispersant, Non-ionic Dispersant, Cationic Dispersant, Amphoteric Dispersant and Blended Dispersing Agents.

We manufacture & export Dispersing Agents which are suitable for Oil, solvent & Aqueous systems.

Wetting Agents

Wetting Agents are used for the surface and substrate wetting. We manufacture Anionic Wetting Agent, Non-ionic Wetting Agent, Cationic Wetting Agent and Amphoteric Wetting Agent.

We have wide range of wetting agents which are suitable for oil based systems, solvent based systems & aqueous systems.

Anti-settling agent, Thickeners & Thixotropes

Antiset Agent arrests un-due sedimentation of solid particles in liquid phase. Thickeners & Thixotropes improves viscosity index. Our range includes Solvent Thickener, Oil Thickener and Aqueous Thickener.

Flow Modifier

Flow modifier is used to improve the flow of the Aqueous Pigmented Systems.


Preservatives are essential element to prevent the industrial aqueous systems from putrification. It efficiently controls micro-organisms activity in industrial aqueous application.

Wax derivatives

Waxes & Wax Derivatives are excellent Surface Modifiers incorporated in various Coating Systems- Paints & Printing Inks.


We manufacture Anionic Emulsifiers, Non-ionic Emulsifiers, Cationic Emulsifiers, Amphoteric Emulsifiers.

We also offer Surfactant, Surface Active Agents, Pigment Treatment Additives and host of Tailor-Made additives for various industrial applications.

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