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Speciality & Miscellaneous Additives for Aqueous Systems

Speciality & Miscellaneous Additives for Aqueous Systems

Additive 5109

Unique Blend of Additives ( Dispersant + Coalescent + Preservative etc) for Aqueous Coatings

“Additive 5109” is a single Additive replacing all conventional Additives & Preservatives. It is a combination of proven Additives such as System Stabiliser, Wetting & Dispersing Agent, Coalescing Agent, Anti Fungus, Anti Bacteria, Anti Algae, Freeze Thaw Stabiliser, Leveling Agent as to get excellent quality paint.

Additive 5202

Unique Blend of Additives ( Dispersant + Coalescent + Preservative etc) for Aqueous Coatings

Additive 5166

(35% Active Non-ionic PE Wax Emulsion)

"Additive 5166 " is 35% Active Non-ionic PE Wax Emulsion. It has application in Aqueous formulations such as water based Coatings (Emulsion Paints / Textured Paints Interior & Exterior Finishes / Inks) and Over Print Varnishes, Textile and leather Treatments, Polishes, Paper and Cardboard Coatings etc.

Add-Eco 5532

(Economy PE Wax Emulsion)

"Add-Eco5532" is 25% Solid Non-ionic PE Wax Emulsion.

Additive 5115

(Single Additive for making Pigment Emulsion)

Manufacturing of quality "Aqueous Paste" is a complex process. "Additive 5115" is a single and simple solution. It is a combination of proven surfactants (Anionic & Non-ionic surfactants as active ingredients), system stabilizers and product preservers. Its Low Foaming Tendency permits higher Pigment Loading and makes manufacturing process easy as well as hassle free.

Additive 5196

Achieving Flow Consistency in Emulsion Paints is challenging task. With the help of "Additive 5196" coating formulator can achieve excellent flow in Coating System. This Additive also imparts Flow to Wall Putties with high Powder Loading.

Additive 6009

(Organic Polymer in Powder Form)

Additive 6009” is a Very Low to Moderately Foaming Organic Polymer in Powder Form. It forms an ideal Grinding and Film Forming Medium for Water based Paints, Inks. 

Special Polymer

(Powerful Opacifying Agent for Aqueous Systems)

Special Polymer is powerful Opacifying Agent for Aqueous Systems. It is non-film forming aqueous emulsion polymer that reduces the raw material costs of coatings by supporting the hiding provided by the Primary Pigment. The polymer consists of hollow acrylic/styrene beads supplied in emulsion form. Initially these beads are filled with water. When a paint containing Special Polymer dries, the water diffuses replaced by air. These encapsulated air voids imparts the hiding effect. Thereby formulator can reduce the amount of titanium dioxide without sacrificing hiding power and tint strength.


"Additive 5163" is proven BIT based Preservative. It is ideally suitable for in-can preservation of Water Borne Systems

Miscellaneous Additives

  1. Emulsifiers
  2. Surfactant
  3. Pigment Treatment Additives
  4. Tailor Made Additives

We also manufacture anionic emulsifiers , Non–ionic emulsifiers , Cationic emulsifiers , amphoteric emulsifiers , surfactant , pigment treatment additives & Tailor Made Additives


Paint, Printing Inks, Pulp & paper, Lubricating Oils, Agriculture, Pigment Treatment Industries.

Thickener & Anti-Settling Agent for Oil /Solvent / Solventless Systems

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