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Thickener Anti-Settling Agent for Aqueous Systems


Thickener & Anti-Settling Agent for Aqueous Systems

Additive 5292

(Anti-settling Agent)

Formation of hard deposit is always a problem in Paint manufacturing, especially high PVC Paints. It is difficult put it back into suspension easily. “Additive 5292” helps eliminate heavy settling.

Additive 5703

(Gum Modified Cellulose Derivative)

Additive 5703 is water-soluble cellulose Thickener. It is a rheology modifier with retarded dissolution properties. It shows perfectdispersibility in neutral or slightly acidic cold water. Final dissolution (viscosity build up) can be triggered by increasing pH or temperature. It is a versatile additive for the paint industry. It controls flow properties and thickens aqueous solution. Furthermore, it acts as a water retention agent & stabilizes dispersions. It allows formulator to produce paint with excellent (application) properties.

Additive 5265

(Thickening Agent)

“Additive 5265” is specially designed Thixotropic Agent. It is colloidal inorganic mineral that is chemically inert and non-swelling. It is ideally suitable for Aqueous Systems.

Thickener & Anti-Settling Agent for Oil /Solvent / Solventless Systems

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