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Defoamers for Oil / Solvent Systems

Defoamers for Oil/Solvent Systems

Additive 4122

"Additive 4122 is Silicon Free wide spectrum defoamer based on Complex Hydrocarbons . It is 100% active Liquid Defoamer. It works well in Solvent based system. It causes no discoloration and may be used in formaldehyde sensitive systems.It controls regeneration of foam.

Additive 4122-S

"Additive 4122-S" is Active & Effective Defoamer. It is blend of Activated Silicone Oil with blend of proprietary surfactants.It not only burst the Foams but controls re-generation of Foam.

Additive 4194 ( Air Release Agent for Solvent systems )

Additive 4194 is blend of Surfactant in Ketonic Solvent ideally suitable as Air Release Agent for Solvent System, especially Epoxies

Additive 4197

Additive 4197 is Trans- Defoamer is Non-Silicon & Non-Mineral Oil defoamer. It is Liquid Defoamer based on Organophosphate derivative in Aliphatic Alcohol. It is ideally suitable for Chemical Process of mild Acdic to high alkalinity.

Thickener & Anti-Settling Agent for Oil /Solvent / Solventless Systems

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